Bulkhead Erosion Repair

We are your Bulkhead Erosion Repair Specialists

We specialize in stabilizing your bulkhead soil, sealing leaks or failed joints, and stopping your erosion issues.  Our process is simple, but very effective.  No large, landscape damaging equipment is needed for us to repair your bulkhead leaks and to stabilize your soil, therefore your landscaping will be virtually unharmed.

We are currently the sole company licensed by both TRA and SJRA to apply the EPA eco-friendly approved foam product on Lake Conroe and Lake Livingston.  The specially formulated foam we use  is the ONLY product that has been proven to be completely safe for all aquatic life in the lakes and used in potable water.  Please consult with your TRA and SJRA office to make certain that any contractor that is repairing your bulkhead using a foam product has indeed been pre-approved for use on the lake.

Bulkhead Problem:  Bulkhead leaks and soil erosion are major concerns for lakefront homeowners. Weak spots or any voids in your bulkhead structure will result in an erosion situation where your soil foundation will begin to deteriorate, only to worsen if the problem is not solved.  Once the leaks begin in your structure, the erosion process begins.







Simple Solution: We utilize an Eco-friendly, effective, and proven foam product that is applied in a simple manner to seal your bulkhead leaks and stop your erosion process. We can help protect the investment you have in your present bulkhead structure without harming your landscape.

Bulkhead Repair Options

You could fill voids with dirt and aggregate fill, but this will not eliminate the cause of the erosion, or you could replace some or all of the wall, which is a major construction project and expense. Although, there are situations when bulkhead replacement is the best or only option, but often that is not the case.  Stopping the leaks, filling voids, and stabilizing the soil is the ultimate solution to your bulkhead erosion issues.

Give us a call for a more thorough explanation of our Eco-friendly erosion-solving product and services that we proudly provide.  We will be prompt to schedule a consultation with one of our specialists to evaluate your erosion problem and provide you with an estimate.