Residential Cellulose Insulation

We are your Cellulose Insulation Specialists

Molitor Enterprises uses EnviroSmart stabilized cellulose insulation for new homes or retro fit. We believe this product provides the most effective and best investment you can make. With 60% of your budget paying energy costs for heating and cooling, reducing the use of your heating and cooling systems through more effective insulation will yield the greatest energy savings.

We offer two options to insulate your home or office.

Option 1: complete blown-in cellulose, both in the walls and attic.

Option 2: blown-in cellulose in the walls and blown-in fiberglass in the attic.

As you are deciding what type of insulation to apply to your new home, please be aware that homeowners are discovering mildew growth as a result of the open-cell, water-based spray-in foam insulation that many contractors have applied. Discoveries have been made, and proven, that mildew has begun to grow within the open-cell insulation environment. Mildew is a vital concern and should not be taken lightly, as health issues can result from continual mildew properties residing in your home.  Unfortunately, the mildew issues have resulted in lawsuits, against both the foam manufacturers and insulation contractors.

Yes, open-cell water based insulation could be less expensive, but there is no comparison to the cellulose insulation product’s safety against mildew, the air-tight features, and sound proof qualities. The cellulose insulation has proven itself to be the absolute best insulation product on the market that withstands all of the premium qualities that homeowners are seeking and expecting when insulating their home.

We are proud to show you a picture of a cellulose insulation wall that we applied.  As you can see, the insulation has been applied to completely fill the entire space between and is flush to the front side of all the wall structure boards.






Please take a moment to read these three insulation characteristics which are of critical importance when choosing insulation for your home.
  1. Mildew Resistant and Outstanding Thermal Resistance:

    Our cellulose insulation product has been tested and proven to be completely mildew resistant.  Unfortunately, mildew has become a serious concern for many homeowners that had the open-cell insulation applied in their walls.  When considering your insulation needs, do keep in mind that cellulose is the only avenue that will satisfy all of you insulation needs and concerns.

    R-value is the measure of a product’s ability to retard heat movement. The higher the listed R-value for an insulation product, the greater the resistance to heat transfer.

  2. Stops Air Infiltration:

    Air from inside and outside your home flows through the exterior walls. The greater the infiltration the less effective your insulation is performing. EnviroSmart’s higher density (3.0+ lbs/cubic foot) and the method of insulation prevent air infiltration. When installed, EnviroSmart becomes an integral part of the wall structure, insulating and blocking air infiltration for the life of the home.

    By Contrast, Rock Wool and Fiber Glass batts, with a density of 0.5 lbs/cubic foot, perform more like filters, allowing air to move through the product. Even more significantly, the manner in which the batts are installed leaves many voids for air infiltration.

    Common examples of these voids include: batts installed by inset stapling, leaving two open channels along both sides of the entire length of the stud cavity.  Batting around electrical wires, water pipes and ducts always leaves much open space. Also batts not fitting tightly in the stud cavity due to lumber and/or framing imperfections.

    A research study conducted in 1990 by the University of Colorado’s Department of Architecture and Planning proved that cellulose insulation was 38% more effective than fiberglass batts in reducing air infiltration. That same study concluded that a cellulose insulated home uses 26% less energy than a fiberglass batt insulated home.

  3. Superior Sound Control:

    EnviroSmart Insulation is made from fibrous materials and completely fills all voids. Unwanted sound from the outside environment is significantly reduced. Remember, when air infiltration is blocked with sound-absorbing cellulose fibers, nuisance noise is also blocked. By insulating with EnviroSmart, you will be pleased with the improved acoustics of your home.

    EnviroSmart Advantages:

    Many products today claim to be recycled, EnviroSmart Insulation truly is. In fact, 85% of EnviroSmart is made from recycled newspapers that might otherwise find their way into a landfill.

    Additional Facts:

    Insulating with EnviroSmart Insulation provides a greater R-value, prevention of air infiltration, and enhanced acoustics.  Other advantages include:

    • No mildew will ever form in our cellulose insulation
    • Non-Irritating to skin (no itching)
    • Minimum settling in attic due to adhesive
    • Non-abrasive
    • Contains no asbestos, fiberglass, or formaldehyde
    • Extends the life of heating and cooling equipment
    • Affordable
    • No known health issues
    • Cellulose has a 3.9 R value per inch, the same as the open-cell, water-base foam