Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofing (SPF)

We are your Spray Polyurethane Roofing Specialists

Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofing is the most cost-effective, sustainable insulation, coating, and waterproofing system available today!

We offer the most efficient and cost effective roofing insulation and application, which will significantly reduce your energy costs.  Our Polyurethane Spray Foam (SPF) roofing product is State-of-the-Art and has proven to be very durable, energy efficient, long-lasting, seamless, and light weight.

Being in business since 1969, we have applied over a million feet of weather-resistant, spray foam roofing.  Our impeccable reputation for each job we have performed speaks volumes about our detailed concerns for our clients.  We take pride in attending to all the details of our clients roofing needs as we carefully and fully complete the entire process, start to finish.









In most cases, we are able to apply the foam onto your existing roof, thus lowering your re-roofing costs.  Spray foam roofing is an investment, not an expenditure, in which you should regain your invested capital within a 3 to 5 year period.

Why Urethane?

  • It can be applied to all roofing systems
  • 100% warranty, non-prorated, by Bay Systems North America/GE Roof
  • ROI within 3 to 5 years, as documented by A&M University and Ford Motor Company
  • Highest “R-Value” insulation on the market
  • Eliminates pooling water
  • Lightweight
  • Seamless and versatility – conforms to all roof shapes
  • Highest wind uplift resistance, UL & FM Rated Class “A”
  • Strong, compressive strengths, which add structural integrity to all installations

10 reasons to choose a Sprayed Polyurethane Foam (SPF) roof:

  1. Seamless: SPF is a seamless system.  There are no seams or joints to allow water or air to enter the building through this roofing system.  Regardless of building size or shape, there will be no seams.
  2. Lightweight: SPF roofing systems weigh approximately 60 lbs. per 100 sq. ft., compared to 600 lbs. per 100 sq. ft. for conventional built-up roofing (BUR) systems.  This product is ideal to apply over existing BUR, eliminating the need for expensive roof removal.
  3. Water and Air Tight: The closed cell structure of polyurethane foam resists the penetration of both water and air.  It is a U.S. Coastguard approved material for flotation.
  4. Self-Flashing: Due to the ability of spray-in-place polyurethane foam to conform to the surface it is applied to, it is ideal for flashing parapet walls, roof penetrations, and roof-mounted equipment; such as HVAC, vent stacks, pipes, skylights, etc…The self-flashing ability of the foam eliminates many roof leaks caused by faulty flashing.
  5. Insulates: Polyurethane foam has the highest “R” value of any roofing product on the market.  With an “R” value of 7.14, it enables us to provide more thermal resistance with less material than any other type insulation.
  6. Lowers Surface Temperature: The white elastomeric coating used to protect the polyurethane foam from UV rays adds the benefit of lowering the surface temperature of the roof from 200 degrees, on a typical black rubber roof on a 90 degree day, to 120 degrees for the SPF roof.  The white coating is very reflective and helps to lower energy costs significantly.
  7. Versatile: SPF can be used on new roofs as well as re-roofing projects.  It can be used on all surfaces:  flat, pitched, domed, metal wood concrete, etc…It is an ideal system for insulation to tanks, coolers, piping, duct-work, freezers, reefer trailers, and perimeter wall insulation for new construction homes or metal buildings.
  8. Strength: While very lightweight, polyurethane foam is strong.  It will not pack down or cause sagging.
  9. Long Life: SPF roofing systems are renewable, while other systems need to be removed and replaced after their usual life expectancy.  SPF roofs need only to be repaired and recoated with the elastomeric coating system, which will then provide many years of service.
  10. Ease of Application: An SPF roofing systems can be installed in a relatively short period of time with little or no disruption of building operations.


A SPF system offers energy savings on both cooling and heating costs, with savings as much as 50% on monthly energy bills. Texas A & M preformed studies on their own roofs show the energy cost reduction obtained by applying SPF paid for the cost of the roofing in just a few years.

This application is a long term investment.  Molitor Enterprises will provide you a custom quote, with various payment options.  There is no job too big or to small.

Call us for a more thorough explanation of our Spray Polyurethane Foam roofing product and professional services that we proudly provide.